Meditation for the Western World: De-Mystifying Meditation

Meditation – The very name conjures mystical states of being, a higher plane of existence, a peaceful, better life. But for most of us in the ‘go-go’ western world of always being connected and always pushing and striving for more of…well just about anything, we just can’t imagine devoting the time required to master the discipline of meditation.

Meditation for the Western World has been designed specifically to address and tackle these challenges. Meditation can be many things – a solace, an escape, a palliative, a practice, a tool. The purpose of is to explore meditation as a tool – a tool that anyone can use. It is geared for the western mind that is seeking knowledge quickly and hoping that knowledge has a practical use.

Can you invest five minutes of your life? With the Anyone Can Meditate program, you will acquire the skills needed to expand your awareness, connect with the real world around you and unlock all of your innate potential. More importantly, this website and the associated book and online APPs will show you how to acquire and develop these skills in a remarkably short time frame – we’re talking about minutes not hours; simple lessons that help you feel better now, not next month; an investment of a few dollars, not your life savings.

You might still be wondering if this is for you. Meditation can help those who are ready to improve their lives, their relationships, their health, people who want to break free of bad habits, and form life-altering tools that tap into the 90% of the brain that is seemingly unused. Meditation is a Proactive form of self-improvement – you take control of your life and how you live your life (as well as how you interact with others on a daily basis).

Give us five minutes and we’ll teach you how to relax and step away from the ledge that we so often find ourselves pushed up against. It’s easy to fall off the cliff and surrender to (believe in) a lack of control. Our meditation techniques, APPs and blogs teach you how to first recognize a situation and then quickly and effectively deal with whatever you are presented in a way that is non-destructive and completely self-empowering.

Meditation and empowerment maintain a symbiotic relationship. By using the techniques covered on this website, as well as the award winning book, ‘Meditation for the Western World’, and the breakthrough APPS, you too can empower yourself and take control and full ownership of your decisions and your well-being. And you too can learn to meditate and achieve all of this in about five minutes. That’s why we call our program Meditation for the Western World. It works, it works quickly and you’ll learn how to take control of your life while you relax through meditation.

We’re always updating our site to provide you with information on meditation and western meditation techniques. Our latest offering: Meditation PodCasts; this section will be updated regularly allowing you to download the latest Meditation Podcast for free.