Meditation PodCasts & Audio Downloads

These audio Meditation Podcasts & Downloads are included for those who would rather listen to a blog than read it.  The blog is posted first in written form and then in audio form.  The blog and audios provide practical application of meditation in your own life.  The topics selected are ones that ordinary people deal with throughout their lives.

The Meditation PodCasts & Downloads presume that you can reach a meditative state on your own.  If you cannot, you may wish to buy the Meditation Kit Meditation for the Western World: De-Mystifying Meditation to find techniques that work for you.

Rev. Dr. Laura hopes you will enjoy using these Practical Applications of Meditation for personal growth and resolving issues that have been nagging at you.

Please check back often as we’ll add additional Meditation PodCasts on regular basis.


Meditation PodCast #1

WhyDoIEatTheFoodsThatIDo-Podcast #1

Dieting can be an exhausting exercise in frustration. Do you realize that the majority of Americans eat what they do out of habit or because they have been influenced by advertising? What if you could easily leave behind any dietary habits that you have not personally and consciously selected? That is precisely what meditation can help you do. Meditation can help you control your diet, and in turn, your life.

Meditation PodCast #2

FoodSelection-Podcast #2

Meditation can be a pathway for gaining clearer insights into, and communication with, our bodies.  With regard to our daily diet and dieting in general, meditation can allow us to determine what foods our bodies would like us to consume to give them vitality and good health. Meditation and diet ‘play well together’ as we rarely question our food habits.  Out of habit, we tend to prepare maybe 10 different menus and continue repeating them without considering if what we are eating is actually meeting our bodies food requirements in the moment.    By combining meditation and diet and beginning to pay attention to how the food we are ingesting is being accepted by our bodies is a giant step in becoming a co-partner with our bodies to maintain health, clarity of mind and well-being. A regular meditation routine will help you gain insight and learn your body’s wants and needs.

Meditation PodCast #3

Understanding origins of habits – Podcast #3

Meditation can be invaluable to help us consciously change habit patterns that we are no longer happy with.  While it is true that some habits are desirable, such as our morning routines that get us to work on time, others really no longer have a purpose in our lives, but since they are ingrained, they continue.  If we wish to rid ourselves of these habits, meditation can help us determine the source of those habits and choose change.

Meditation PodCast #4

DiscoverTheExcitementOfLearning – Podcast #4

Meditation can allow us to access the subconscious, the conscious and the superconscious all at the same time so we are fully functional. When we do this while we are studying or researching something, it allows knowledge, inspiration and higher level thinking to occur. When we study in a meditative state, information gained may be easily re-accessed through meditation at a later time. The appearance will be that we have developed a super memory and complex thinking. Meditation and Studying increases your comprehensive skills and heightens your awareness allowing you to absorb more information and make better decisions.

Meditation PodCast #5

Understanding Your Body’s Appearance – PodCast #5 

“UnderstandingWhyYourBodyAppearsasItDoes” from Demo by Laura Thornberry. Genre: Mediation.

Meditation PodCast #6

Visualization To Overcome A Fear – PodCast #6

How to use Visualization Methods to overcome your fears by Laura Thornberry. Genre: Mediation.

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