Yes! Anyone Can Meditate!

Anyone Can MeditateKnowing how to reach a meditative state is the foundational step for accessing the untapped reserves of your being that have knowledge of which you are unaware.  Meditation for the Western World:  De-Mystifying Meditation is a tool that can provide that step.

This blog will provide practical ways to apply meditation in your daily life and allow you to unlock your hidden potential. 

Why Meditate?

Meditation is the gateway into the untapped potential that we each have.  If we only access 10% of our brains, what could we do if we could access the other 90%?  What are the hidden abilities that lie within each of us?

Through meditation, it is possible to become hyper-aware of our bodies, our environment, our hidden secrets, the energy around us that is expressing as color or sound and to project our conscious awareness anywhere we desire.

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Practical Application of Meditation  –  Releasing Illusion (False Concepts)

Often, it is our fears that keep us bound to a way of acting that does not bring us joy.  Most of our fears are caused by illusion.  Once you know the source of the illusion and sever the energetic ties, you are free to be joyful.

  • Identify one area in your life in which you are not happy.
  • Take yourself into a meditative state using whatever means you prefer.
  • Set aside any preconceived ideas you may have about the situation you have chosen.
  • While in the meditative state, ask to be shown the truth about what you are unhappy with.
  • Ask to be shown any and all false concepts you have been operating under concerning this area of your life.
  • Ask to be shown the source of the false concepts.
  • Forgive everyone associated with your holding of the false concept – including yourself.

Rev. Dr. Laura Thornberry is the author of this Blog.  She has decades of experience teaching people techniques to learn to meditate and then using that as a foundation for exploring their own potential and abilities.  She has gathered twenty of her favorite techniques into a book, workbook, CD and crystal set so that more people can  discover the simplicity and power of meditation.  That set is Meditation for the Western World: De-Mystifying Mediation.

What’s New?

Meditations on the Go coming soon –  * An app for your smart phone  * Allows you to access guided meditations to re-center and tap into your potential during your busy day  *Available first for Android  * Iphone to follow shortly

Anyone Can Meditate  Blog

  • A bi-monthly Blog offering suggestions about and instructions for the use of meditation and meditation techniques to untangle your life.
  • A Blog providing practical ways to apply meditation in your daily life to allow you to unlock your hidden potential