Dieting through Meditation

How Meditation and Dieting can help us Control the Food We Eat

Anyone Can Meditate | Dieting and MeditationWhy Meditate?

Dieting can be an exhausting exercise in frustration. Do you realize that the majority of Americans eat what they do out of habit or because they have been influenced by advertising? What if you could easily leave behind any dietary habits that you have not personally and consciously selected? That is precisely what meditation can help you do. Meditation can help you control your diet, and in turn, your life.

Eastern Meditation vs Western Meditation

First, a quick primer on Eastern Meditation versus Western Meditation: Eastern Meditation encourages a person learning meditation to isolate from daily activities. Another approach, Western Meditation, acknowledges the complexity of life and focuses on ways to consciously create an isolated haven while remaining in, and thriving within the chaos in our lives.

A Practical Application of Meditation

Let’s look at a practical application of meditation to help you determine why you choose the foods you do. Follow these simple meditation steps and use them to help you make conscious choices about what you are putting in your body and become the master of your diet. Meditation will help you become a co-partner with your body to maintain health, clarity of mind and well-being.

Follow these steps:

  1. Move into a meditative state using whatever method you prefer.
  2. Once in the meditative state, make an honest assessment of what you have been eating. That includes the quantity that you eat as well as the selection and whether it is primarily fresh or pre-packaged.
  3. Then, ask yourself why you select those foods.
  4. Next, ask which of those reasons for food selection make sense to you today considering your lifestyle and your knowledge.
  5. Determine if you desire to make any changes or if you are content with your current eating habits.
  6. Notice if your body is excited about the choices you are now making.

Now, remind yourself that you are grateful for being able to make choices that make sense for you. Meditation affords you a reasonable level of clarity. This serene state encourages informed decisions; decisions that you control and that affect your well-being. Your diet and your body’s dietary intake are an important part of your everyday life, you can empower yourself and harness the power of meditation to make dietary decisions that will promote and enhance your body and your well-being.

Dr. Laura Thornberry is the author of the popular book: Meditation for the Western World – Demystifying Meditation. Her techniques guide users to altered states of consciousness by stripping away the mystery and mystique of meditation and making immediate meditation accessible to anyone who chooses to try.

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