Meditation and Diet – Listen to Your Body

Meditation and Diet

Why Meditate?

Meditation can be a pathway for gaining clearer insights into, and communication with, our bodies.  With regard to our daily diet and dieting in general, meditation can allow us to determine what foods our bodies would like us to consume to give them vitality and good health. Meditation and diet ‘play well together’ as we rarely question our food habits.  Out of habit, we tend to prepare maybe 10 different menus and continue repeating them without considering if what we are eating is actually meeting our bodies food requirements in the moment.    By combining meditation and diet and beginning to pay attention to how the food we are ingesting is being accepted by our bodies is a giant step in becoming a co-partner with our bodies to maintain health, clarity of mind and well-being. A regular meditation routine will help you gain insight and learn your body’s wants and needs.

Eastern Meditation vs. Western Meditation Techniques

Eastern Meditation sometimes uses physical postures to move the person learning meditation into a meditative state; Western Meditation allows the body to be comfortable so it does not become a distraction.

A Practical Application of Meditation

A Practical Application of Meditation and Diet: Determining what foods our bodies require. This technique will provide your body the opportunity to give you clear indication of what its needs are.

  • Move into a meditative state using whatever method you prefer.
  • Set aside any thoughts about what your diet has been like or what you think it should be like.
  • While in the meditate state, ask your body what foods it would like you to be eating over the next week.
  •  Visualize yourself eating the foods it has requested and feel the energy surge.
  • Ask your body if there is anything you have been eating that it would like you to stop eating.
  • Visualize yourself choosing to not ingest those foods and feel the benefit your body receives.
  • Express gratitude to your body for communicating its needs to you.

When you first employ this technique, you may want to do it at weekly intervals because your dietary needs can shift that quickly.  With practice in paying attention to your body, you may find the information arrives every time you are preparing to eat. Meditation and diet can coexist in a harmonious balance that will leave you feeling more centered and involved in your life.

Dr. Laura Thornberry is the author of the popular book: Meditation for the Western World – Demystifying Meditation. Her techniques guide users to altered states of consciousness by stripping away the mystery and mystique of meditation and making immediate meditation accessible to anyone who chooses to try.

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