Meditation and Studying

Meditation and Studying

Why Meditate

Meditation can allow us to access the subconscious, the conscious and the superconscious all at the same time so we are fully functional. When we do this while we are studying or researching something, it allows knowledge, inspiration and higher level thinking to occur. When we study in a meditative state, information gained may be easily re-accessed through meditation at a later time. The appearance will be that we have developed a super memory and complex thinking. Meditation and Studying increases your comprehensive skills and heightens your awareness allowing you to absorb more information and make better decisions.

Eastern Meditation – vs. – Western Meditation

Eastern Meditation is primarily concerned with meditation as a means to spiritual growth. Western Meditation is primarily concerned with meditation as a means to relaxation.

A Practical Application of Meditation

This simple meditation technique will help you experience a study session that is focused and unfettered by outside distractions.

  • Move into a meditative state in whatever manner you choose
  • Be aware of any mind chatter that may be occurring. If there is any chatter, gently tell yourself to set aside those thoughts. They are valid and you will give them your full attention when you have completed your task of study. As you do this, you refine your conscious awareness to that which you are studying and are fully engaged with your work.
  • Ask if there are any resources or tools that you need to successfully complete this study session. If there are, acquire them before you proceed.
  • Remind yourself of the purpose of this study or research session – what you hope to accomplish.
  • Remind your higher self that you desire clarity about the topic you are studying – that as you are reading materials, you desire understanding of the full meaning of what you are seeing.
  • At this point, you are ready to open your eyes while remaining in a meditative state as you research.

Once you have completed your study session, thank your higher self for assisting you with maintaining focus. Let the thoughts you set aside know that it is alright for them to surface once again.

This simple technique will help you maintain focus while you are studying. You will access information from an alpha state of consciousness and you retain the information. It can be readily accessed any time you so desire by simply returning to a meditative state once again and bringing the information forward.

Rev. Dr. Laura Thornberry is the author of this Blog. She has decades of experience teaching people techniques to learn to meditate and then using that as a foundation for exploring their own potential and abilities. She has gathered twenty of her favorite techniques into a book, workbook, CD and crystal set so that more people can discover the simplicity and power of meditation: Meditation for the Western World: De-Mystifying Mediation.

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