Meditation and Your Habit Patterns

Meditation and Your Habit Patterns

Why Meditate?

Meditation can be an efficient tool in creating new habit patterns that will serve us now and in the near future.  Effective habits can help us create the organization and order we desire in life.


The eastern world views meditation as an end unto itself.  The western world understands that meditation can be an end unto itself, but it also has great value when used as a powerful  tool to create the life one desires.

Practical Application of Meditation

This technique is to facilitate the entraining of a new habit pattern that you have determined will be useful to you in your life, now.  It may be easiest to start with a current habit that you wish to replace with a different habit.

  • Choose a habit that you would like to modify.
  • Enter a meditative state and connect with your higher self in whatever manner you choose.
  • Once in the meditative state, thank the habit pattern you currently have for having served you so long.  Acknowledge that there was value to the habit.
  • Inform your subconscious that you now desire to make changes to that habit.  Parts of it are no longer aiding you but are instead, a barrier.
  • Clearly identify the changes you desire
  • Vvisualize and sense yourself performing the new habit.
  • Visualize the effect the new habit has on your life.

Choosing habit patterns is self-empowering.  Knowing you can change them at any time is a gift.

Dr. Laura Thornberry is the author of the popular book: Meditation for the Western World – Demystifying Meditation. Her techniques guide users to altered states of consciousness by stripping away the mystery and mystique of meditation and making immediate meditation accessible to anyone who chooses to try.

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