Meditation – Free Yourself from Stale Habits

Use Meditation to Free Yourself from Stale Habits

Why Meditate?

Meditation can be invaluable to help us consciously change habit patterns that we are no longer happy with.  While it is true that some habits are desirable, such as our morning routines that get us to work on time, others really no longer have a purpose in our lives, but since they are ingrained, they continue.  If we wish to rid ourselves of these habits, meditation can help us determine the source of those habits and choose change.

Eastern Meditation vs. Western Meditation Techniques

Eastern Meditation is primarily reserved for accessing and interfacing with Spiritual levels.  Western Meditation expands its uses to common, everyday issues.

A Practical Application of Meditation

This meditation technique brings clarity to why you developed a habit that you now wish to be done with.  In recognizing the original purpose of the habit, you can determine if that purpose is still valid or if part or all of the habit may be discarded.

  • Think of one habit that you would like to change.
  • Enter a meditative state in whatever manner you choose.
  • When you reach a meditative state, focus on one habit that you desire to change.  As you focus, realize all the ways that this habit affects your actions and your life.
  • When was the very first time this habit appeared in your life?
  • What was going on at that time and what impact did that have on your actions?
  • Are the reasons for the habit still valid in your life today?  If not, are you willing to give them up?  If so, is there any part of the habit pattern that is no longer needed?
  • Forgive your younger self for reacting in a way that you would not choose today.  The younger you did not have the same tools and skills you have now.  Accept that the habit had a purpose.  Life has changed and part or all of that purpose is no longer valid.

You can use this technique to understand all the habits you display and make conscious choice about what actions you want to take moment to moment.

Dr. Laura Thornberry is the author of the popular book: Meditation for the Western World – Demystifying Meditation. Her techniques guide users to altered states of consciousness by stripping away the mystery and mystique of meditation and making immediate meditation accessible to anyone who chooses to try.

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