The Meditation Kit

  • Book containing 20 meditation techniques
  • Workbook to help you recognize the meditative state
  • 3 CDs to guide you until you can do it on your own
  • 6 Quartz Crystals

This meditation kit includes Meditation for the Western World,  created by Rev. Dr. Laura after teaching meditation to thousands of students over the last forty years. With the materials contained in the meditation kit, you will be able to learn the same meditation techniques that Rev. Dr. Laura has used to teach students to meditate in courses and seminars.

Rev. Dr. Laura realizes that there is a difference in the way that people living in the western world view the world from people living in the middle east and far east.  Most meditative practices rely heavily on Eastern methods of teaching meditation.

Rev. Dr. Laura, a child of the western world that demands instantaneous results, has assembled 20 techniques to reach the meditative state.  To date, everyone she has taught these techniques to, have reached an altered state of consciousness.  She has stripped away the mystery and mystique of meditation and made immediate meditation accessible to anyone who chooses to try.

This meditation kit has been designed for anyone ready to begin the adventure of self discovery!

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