Customers Speak on the Meditation Kit

I never thought I could meditate. Then I tried your meditation kit. When I did the workbook, I realized that I WAS able to get into an altered state. WOW! Quick and easy! Tanya

I always thought meditation required me to sit rigidly and think of nothing. Whenever I tried that I got so stressed out because my mind kept chattering. Then I found Meditation for the Western World: De-Mystifying Meditation and I cannot believe what happened. In minutes I had done an exercise and then realized that it helped me reach that illusive meditative state. I guess Rev. Dr. Laura is right – there is a difference between the eastern psyche and the western psyche. Thank you for giving me a meditation kit & tool that doesn’t stress me out to use! Thad

I hold this meditation kit out to all who want to change their knowledge to wisdom. Starr Fuentes, Bishop, Church of Divine Intervention

I’ve used the exercises outlined in the meditation kit in the corporate world with my team and it has proven to reduce stress in the work place, increase teamwork and improve productivity. Sheila, Bank V.P.

You have literally opened my eyes to meditation. I did not know you could meditate with your eyes open. What a surprise I received when I was gazing at my philodendron. Gary

I never believed that there was anything to all the talk about crystals and energy. When I did the crystal grid meditation and sat inside the array of crystals, I was blown away by the difference of being inside and outside the set-up. How did you ever discover all these methods? Johanna