What our users are saying about Anyone Can Meditate

I never thought I was a person who would meditate, but after using some of the techniques I learned from Rev. Dr. Laura, I have been able to lower my blood pressure. I am getting healthier and healthier because I have learned to listen to my body and give it the foods that give it the energy it needs.  Darnell

Meditation has helped me manage my anxiety.  I used to drive myself half crazy with the thoughts that ran through my head.  Since I started meditating, I can better focus and manage my thoughts so that I can be productive.  Belinda

Meditation has made a big difference in my life.  I had trouble falling to sleep because my mind kept going over things I did that day and things I had to do the next day.  Now I meditate as I am lying in bed and my body relaxes immediately and the chatter in my head stops so I can fall into a restful sleep.  I am a new person!  Taylor

I heard Rev. Dr. Laura talking about being able to use meditation to improve athletic performance.  I must admit, I found that so hard to believe that I decided to test it for myself.  I began meditating before I went out on the golf course.  In my meditation, I visualized me doing the perfect swing.  I saw my ball going right where I wanted it to go.  When I actually started playing, my shots were actually more accurate and my handicap has started coming down.  I am a believer now.  Ricky

The holidays have been stressful since I got married and had kids because we are expected to visit both of our parents’ homes.  I had begun to dread the holidays.  Then, I decided to meditate about what would make the holiday season fun and easy.  I got clear insight about ways to talk to both sets of parents and organize a plan that works for me and my husband.  This year, I had the most fun holiday season in 15 years.  Meg