Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation is a form of meditation that many people prefer as their first introduction into meditation.  It is simple to do because one just needs to follow the oral instructions provided by someone else while they experience the results of following those instructions.

Guided meditation can help you gain greater understanding of yourself, your actions and your choices.  Rev. Dr. Laura has made several available for you to purchase that will allow you to become self-empowered, understand your self-image, improve your health, relax and deal with stress, prepare for various tasks and enhance awareness.  The lengths of the meditations vary. You will have the option to bundle several together for a savings.  You will have the ability to download the purchased meditations two times within 14 days.  This gives you the opportunity to save them on your computer and on your mobile device.

Rev. Dr. Laura has created two meditations as a gift to anyone who would like to relax or to energize.  They are short and designed to be used during a break period during your day.

The following guided meditations have been created to help you realize that you contain the power within yourself to bring about the life that you desire. They are designed to help you realize where you have been giving away power and easy ways to take back control over various aspects of your life.

Attitude of Gratitude – 4.73MB – mp3 – 5:11– If you have been buying into the negativity presented by the world or find yourself surrounded by negative attitudes, this meditation will help you gain control of how you allow things and situations to affect you. This guided meditation turns your attention to the good and the joy(s) in your life. Helps you explore where you have wondrous things at work in your life that you may have been overlooking or taking for granted. Good for when you are feeling overwhelmed by the negative and/or feeling depressed. Download Guided Meditation Now

Recognizing Abundance In Your Life: 5.58MB – mp3 – 6:06 – If you have been focused on what you do not have, what you lack, this guided meditation will help you change your focus so you can see the abundance that is in your life. It will help you shift from a mind-set of lack to one of abundance. You will, in a sense, be counting your blessings and realize that you have a blessed life. Download Guided Meditation Now

Choosing to Change Habit: 5.18MB – mp3 – 5:39 – This guided meditation is designed to discover the root cause(s) for a habit that you feel is no longer helpful in your life. You will explore when it first started and what was contributing to its creation, the tools you had at your disposal then to deal with those situations and the tools you have today. You will have the opportunity to gain understanding about the habit and consciously release it and bring in new reactions that are appropriate to you today. Download Guided Meditation Now

The Power To Be: 4.95MB – mp3 – 5:24 – In this guided meditation, you are reminded of the fabulous potential that you possess as an infinite being. It moves you from recognition of the potential to acceptance that you are wonderful qualities and into activating and actualizing those qualities. This meditation is an excellent reminder that you are incredible with amazing abilities and powers. Download Guided Meditation Now

Determining What Is Important To You: 5.26MG – mp3 – 5:45 – This guided meditation takes you through a process of defining what is important in your life, determining whether that is a truth for you or not, then recognizing what steps are required of you to manifest that which is important. This meditation is a powerful tool to self-empowerment – when YOU decide and KNOW what you desire from life, you then know that you are creating the life that you desire. Download Guided Meditation Now

Removing Blockages Created By Fear Or Dread: 4.30MB – mp3 – 4:41 – This guided meditation helps you identify an area where you have been sabotaging yourself by avoiding something because of a fear or dread that you have which you have never faced. It helps you uncover the root cause of the fear or dread and remove the elements that originally brought about the fear or dread. This is especially helpful for those who have a tendency to procrastinate for generally underlying the procrastination is an unidentified fear or dread. Download Guided Meditation Now

Body Image:
The following guided meditations were created to help unlock the truth about why your body is presenting itself in the manner it is – the subconscious reasons your body does not look the way your mind tells you is ideal for you. They are also designed to help you work in partnership to bring forth the body you desire.

Gaining The Body You Desire: 4.73MB – mp3 – 5:10 – This guided meditation is designed to help you have a clear two-way communication with your body – you will give clear images/instructions about how you desire your body to appear and your body will give clear information about what it requires of you to attain that appearance. In this way, you will begin partnering with your body through meditation. Through this partnership, you will shift your paradigm and know that you are in control of how your body appears. Download Guided Meditation Now

Dieting – Determining The Foods Your Body Desires: 4.45MB – mp3 – 4:52 – This guided meditation focuses on what your body requires at this time in your life to work optimally. When you can listen to your body’s needs at any given moment, you can maintain proper energy levels to function at optimal ability. This meditation is designed to have you understand what your body requires nutritionally without questioning why it requires it. Download Guided Meditation Now

The following guided meditations were designed to help you regain your natural state of perfect health. The body, as a finely tuned machine, was created to operate in perfect health and given a variety of tools to help it maintain and regain that state. It has an innate sense built into it that will guide you what it requires at any given moment to once again function at that perfect state of health. With the help of these meditations, you will be learning to listen for the messages your body has been sending to you that have gone unanswered until now.

Communicating With Your Body: 4.6MB – mp3 – 5:01 – In this guided meditation you are interacting with your body to determine what it is feeling and the underlying source of those feelings. It is helping you learn that the body has an innate sense to it and it is willing to share that sense and wisdom when you are prepared to listen to it. It starts/continues that two-way communication with the body so you can move back into a state of perfect health. Download Guided Meditation Now

Releasing Out What No Longer Serves You: 5.49MB – mp3 – 6:00 – This guided meditation combines visualization and color to help you let go of anything you may have been holding onto in the physical plane, mental plane, spiritual plane or soul plane that has been interfering with your life. It requires a willingness on your part to be free of old encumberances. (also part of self-empowerment) Download Guided Meditation Now

Energizing The Body With White Light: 4.85 –mp3 – 5:18 – This guided meditation is designed to energize and activate your body. It brings universal energy into your body and gives your body a tremendous, energetic boost – almost as if the universe is jump-starting your body. You will experience a great sense of calm and ability to do anything you need to do. Download Guided Meditation Now

Intoning Vowel Sounds – short version: 4.09MB – mp3 – 4:23 – This guided meditation has you sounding vowel sounds to resonate sound through your body from the inside as well as the outside. The short version has you sounding single and double sounds. As you vibrate the vowel sounds through your body, your energetic system becomes cleared, energized and activated. Download Guided Meditation Now

Intoning Vowel Sounds – long version: 10.4MB – mp3 – 11:23 – This guided meditation has you sounding vowel sounds to resonate sound through your body from the inside as well as the outside. The long version has you sounding single, double and triple sounds. As you vibrate the vowel sounds through your body, your energetic system becomes cleared, energized and activated. Download Guided Meditation Now

Meditation can be an invaluable tool when you are doing the behind-the-scenes work to become fully prepared for a task you will do that others will see and evaluate on one level or another. When meditation is used during the preparation phase, the unconscious can be tapped into to help you gain confidence that you are fully prepared for a presentation, a test, studying, a performance, a party or any other type of event that requires preparation.

Preparation For A Presentation: 4.19MB – mp3 – 4:34 – This guided meditation is designed to help you become centered just prior to a presentation. It provides the tools you need to recognize that you are fully prepared, have all the assistance needed, have the information your audience is desiring so you can be more relaxed and enjoy your presentation and interaction with your audience. It also provides some helpful tools in case you get stuck during your presentation. Download Guided Meditation Now

Preparation For A Test: 4.59MB – mp3 – 5:01 – This guided meditation is designed to help you become centered just prior to taking a test. It helps you tap into your subconscious to access all that you have studied in the past for use during the test. The meditation also provides tools for bringing forth needed answers should you happen to blank out or have difficulty recalling the necessary information while taking the test. Download Guided Meditation Now

Preparing To Study: 4.59MB – mp3 – 5:01 – This guided meditation guides you into a brain wave frequency that is conducive to retaining information that you are studying. It also provides tools for connecting information you are now studying with information you have from prior experience/s. By studying in the meditative state, you will be able to readily and easily access the information you study whenever you need it. Download Guided Meditation Now

Relaxation – Dealing with Stress:
One of the most recognized uses for meditation is for relaxation and creatively handling stress. The following guided meditations have been designed to help you physically relax or to help you release stress. The meditations addressing stress will help you identify the stressors you have and consciously find ways to cope with the stresses.

Dealing with Stress: 6.16MB – mp3 – 6:44 – This guided meditation is designed to identify your life stressors one at a time and develop a strategy to eliminate the stress from your life. The meditation will help you determine your role in those stressors – honestly examine past actions that have brought you to your current situation, take responsibility for them and consciously choose an action plan to move forward leaving the stressors behind. Download Guided Meditation Now

Relaxation: 4.91MB- mp3 – 5:22 – This guided meditation guides you throughout your body. You will focus on different aspects of your body. You will discover areas of tension and consciously relax the muscles in those areas. When you are finished with the meditation, you will be refreshed and ready to continue your day. Download Guided Meditation Now

Releasing Emotional Triggers: 4.84MB – mp3 – 5:18 – This guided meditation provides you with tools to take control of aspects of your life that act as emotional triggers and have you automatically reacting instead of consciously choosing actions. You will explore an emotional trigger, determine where and when the trigger first appeared, what was occurring in your life at that time and finally, de-fusing the situation from your current position in life. Download Guided Meditation Now

Enhancing Awareness:
When you perform normal, everyday functions while in a meditative state, you can enrich your appreciation of all that is occurring around you. These guided meditations have been designed to call your attention to that which you may have been taking for granted.

Walking Meditation – Inside: 4.57MB – mp3 – 4:59 – This guided meditation is an open-eye, walking meditation. In it, you will enter a meditative state and then walk through an indoor environment. You will be directed to notice subtle activities that are always occurring but which you do not notice. The meditation will help you gain a greater appreciation for the activity that is occurring simultaneously even though you filter most of it out. Download Guided Meditation Now

Walking Meditation – Outside: 5.52MB – mp3 – 6:02 – This guided meditation is also an open-eye, walking meditation. You will be walking outdoors. You will be directed to observe what nature is presenting to you. You will be guided to listen in a manner to hear the subtle sounds nature makes as well as noticing any human activities that are occurring. This meditation will help you appreciate the magnificence that surrounds you. Download Guided Meditation Now

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