Can Anyone Learn How To Meditate?

Over the years, Rev. Dr. Laura has heard the following statements or questions many times:

  • “What is meditation?”
  • “I do not know how to meditate without guided meditation.”
  • “How difficult is it to learn how to meditate on my own?”
  • “Do you know of a ‘how to meditate’ for beginners?”
  • “Do you know of any easy meditation for beginners?”
  • “Where can I find meditation techniques for beginners?”
  • “If I learn how to meditate, will it help me with relaxation?”
  • “Are meditation techniques and relaxation techniques the same thing?
  • “Are stress management techniques the same thing as meditation?”
  • “Is guided meditation the only way for me to achieve relaxation?”

Can you Learn to Meditate on Your Own?

In the simplest terms, meditation is a controlled means of entering an altered state of consciousness while fully aware of what one is doing. Every day, at some point, everyone enters an altered state of consciousness. There are several meditation techniques that fall in the “how to meditate” category that can easily assist one in reaching and maintaining that altered state of consciousness.

The meditation kit created by Rev. Dr. Laura contains 20 unique meditation techniques. When one follows the meditation techniques and answers the workbook questions, one quickly realizes that it really can be quite simple to learn how to meditate without any external assistance. Yes, the kit contains audio to guide a person through the techniques the first few times he/she works with the meditation techniques. This is so one can learn how to meditate on one’s own with no anxiety about remembering exactly what one is to do. After a few times of working with any of the meditation techniques, the audio will not be required as the meditation techniques are simple. They truly are meditation techniques for beginners. Note, even though the audio guides one through the steps of each technique and that could technically be considered guided meditation, the kit has been designed to empower you to no longer need the audio to reach a meditative state. You will know how to meditate.

As you learn how to meditate using the various meditation techniques, you will find yourself reaching states of relaxation. A wonderful bonus of accessing altered states of consciousness is that the body naturally becomes more relaxed when one is in an altered state. The lower the brain wave frequencies one is able to achieve, the greater the state of relaxation. If one is a person for whom relaxation is difficult due to life’s daily pressures, meditation can be a great tool for unconsciously unwinding. Relaxation will be a wonderful side benefit. The meditations in the app are designed to bring stress relief. Imagine, not requiring stress management because one engages in meditation techniques whose side benefit is relaxation. There are myriad stress management techniques, not all of which involve meditation. For instance, setting a specific time to go to bed and a specific time to wake up is one relaxation technique that has nothing to do with meditation. However, all meditation techniques will have a calming, relaxing effect.

Basically, in answer to the various questions, Rev. Dr. Laura assures each person that there are simple, effect meditation techniques that are easy to learn, easy to do on one’s own. Whether one is looking for meditation for beginners or meditation techniques for relaxation, it does not take very long for anyone to be able to say, “I know how to meditate, and if I can meditate, anyone can meditate.” The simplest answer to our questions is: Yes, anyone can learn how to meditate!

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