Meditation Music

Meditation Music, generally, is music that has been composed to help one reach an altered state of consciousness thereby moving into a state of relaxation and heightened awareness.  It can be used for relaxation and countering stress but it can also be used for releasing emotional blockages that have been residing within the body and in this manner be a tool for self discovery. 

However, meditation music can also be songs with lyrics that either uplift the spirit or bring up emotional issues and release them with the aid of sound and vibration.  Sometimes, a song that one may not consider meditative can transport someone back to a time when an event occurred in his/her life that became a sticking point.  For example, one may not have been aware that when an emotionally troubling event occurred, a song was playing in the background and every time that song is heard, an emotional trigger goes off that is not understood.  Using meditation music to help release emotional triggers can be extremely effective. 

The meditation music offered through has been reviewed by Rev. Dr. Laura and she provides information about how each piece affects the body or how it can be used for personal growth or clearing.  In some instances, Rev. Dr. Laura will offer types of issues that certain music has been used to release.  The works are available as individual pieces or as albums as they were composed by their originators.  There is a savings by buying the full album. 

All pieces are ones that she has personally used and personally recommends to her students and clients to assist them in their lives.  You are invited to discover the power of music and sound on your journey of self realization as you become the person you desire to be. 

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