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Stillness in Motion – The Album is comprised of 13 compositions, primarily played on the piano by Robert Ensor, the composer.  Some of the tracks have string accompaniment that enrich andenhance the effect of the music. When you buy the entire album, the music will play in an order that will first, bring stillness to your mind – removing you from the chaos of life – then bringing relaxation up and down the spine and throughout the body and organs, release anxiety you may have been holding and finally, bring you back to the outer conscious level feeling exuberant and hopeful.  Robert says this about the album, “The major inspiration behind the compositions and improvisations on this recording was a search for a way to bring stillness and peace into my own life. With stillness comes peace, with peace comes healing. This recording invites the listener to leave behind the stress of past and future and instead to enter into a more conscious state of present-centered awareness.” This is an excellent album of meditation music.   Download Meditation Music Now

Stillness in Motion  –  3:28  –  This almost hypnotic piece of meditation music with its repetition of notes acts like a switch to instantly turn off the mind.  As it moves into mid-range tones, the heart chakra is affected.  When it returns to the repetitive notes, the mind is stilled. Download Meditation Music Now

Serenity’s Home  –  4:52  –  This composition provides a sense of peace and calm – a wonderful effect of meditation music.  The combination of piano and violin provide sounds that move through the body and up and down the spine.  One feels as if the body is expanding and becoming infinite.  The various tones and chords relax the various organs of the body and open the heart center.  Download Meditation Music Now

Watercourse Way  –  4:10  –  This piece of meditation music gives the feel of floating down a stream or slow moving river.  You can almost imagine water birds taking off in flight, water animals sunning or frolicking and watercraft passing you by.  Music moves up and down your spine.  The hypnotic melody cannot help but relax.  Download Meditation Music Now

Blue Element  –  4:32  –  This meditation music works with the heart center.  It facilitates the release of anguish while working with the power center releasing blockage.  This piece is primarily piano with suggestions of wind and has a haunting melody. Download Meditation Music Now

Rainscape Part 1  –  5:19  –  This meditation music reverberates through body calming and releasing tension, worry and dread.  The rain sounds in the background seem to wash away what is being released.  The music empowers, energizes and awakens.  You feel as though you are in nature during a gentle rain.  I was left with the feeling that I was ready for the universe to show me my next step. Download Meditation Music Now

Lost in Tranquility  –  5:12  –  This meditation music piece starts in the heart center, moves to the solar plexus/emotional center.  The strings in the background soothe the root and spleen chakras.  There is a sensation of floating on the music as if you are a leaf in the wind.  This piece will relax the organs of the body.   Download Meditation Music Now

Earth Dances  –  3:14  –  The sounds in this meditation music run up and down the spine.  I had the sensation of doing a free-flowing modern dance on the bare ground with theability to break all rules of gravity.  This is an excellent piece to choreograph.  The music activates all the chakras and this is a tune of celebration.  Download Meditation Music Now

Bitter Sweetness  3:04  –  This meditation music is perfect for releasing sorrow from the heart.  I had the sense of resolution to move forward.  I gained strength in commitment to change and when the piece ended, I was filled with hope. Download Meditation Music Now

Calm Body, Peaceful Mind  –  2:36  –  This meditation music is a combination of melody and chords that affect the entire body bringing relaxation.  There is very soft accompaniment in the background of strings or a bassoon. Download Meditation Music Now

Rainscape Part 2  –  5:32  –  This meditation music has you in the midst of a thunderstorm.  The rain sounds work on the lower chakras while the music works on the upper chakras.  The piano has an almost anesthetizing affect the head. Download Meditation Music Now

A Dream of Peace  –  2:28  –  This meditation music is a composition of peace, cooperation and harmony.  It is a work of celebration and hope.  Download Meditation Music Now

Let Go, Let God  –  3:48  –   This meditation music opens the heart to accept the presence of God.  It prepares you for the energy of the Divine and moves you into an attitude of “ Not my will but THY will be done”.  It is excellent for when you are asking for Divine Guidance and helps you set your ideas aside to open up to inspiration from spirit.  Download Meditation Music Now

A Touch of Joy  –  3:01  –  This meditation music begins to reintegrate you into everyday life with an attitude of lightness and joy – grateful for the wonderful inner journey you have just enjoyed.  This piece  lightens the heart center. Download Meditation Music Now

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