Meditation Questions and Our Answers

Can meditation help me relax?
When you reach the meditative state, your brain waves have slowed down similar to when you are asleep.  Your body automatically is more relaxed than when you are awake.  Even a few minutes of meditation can have a profound, relaxing effect on your body and your stress level. One of the meditations that come with the app focuses on  helping you relax.

What is the difference between prayer and meditation?
In the traditional Christian religions, people are taught to pray – that is, to commune with God and let God know what is in their hearts and minds. The part that is often not taught is the corollary to prayer: listening to God’s response, or meditation.

What has been practiced so often is a one-way conversation with God – man doing all the talking and expecting God to do all the listening. This is like going to a friend whose advice you value, telling them everything that troubles you and then leaving before that friend has the opportunity to reply.

The primary spiritual reason to meditate is to be able to listen to God’s answers. Many people report getting a message from God in a dream. The ultimate goal of meditation is connecting with your own higher self – that part of you that has always been connected with the God-source.

If you are always talking, you cannot be listening.

I have 2 meditation questions: What is right for me? What is the difference between the app and the tool kit?
The tool kit was designed to teach you how to meditate on your own without needing someone to guide you. You will learn 20 different techniques, and from those, you will be able to determine the ones that work best for you. Those favorite techniques will then be the foundation for your self-exploration.

The app is 5 guided meditations each lasting 4-6 minutes. This means that you will be guided through the meditation process. It is intended for people who are very busy and who would like help meditating quickly to make their day easier.

I’ve been told meditation will help reduce stress but I feel butterflies in my stomach just thinking about having to learn one more thing right now. What can I do?
First, take a deep breath. Your anxiety is probably coming from a preconceived idea that learning to meditate will require a long, involved process. There are effective ways to reach a meditative state in mere minutes. The Meditation Tool Kit gives you twenty quick techniques to get into the meditative state and the apps provide you with five guided meditations that require less than ten minutes of your time. Just entering the meditative state for a few short minutes can help you gain a calmer perspective on whatever you are dealing with. One of the meditations on the app is designed to help you de-stress.

Can meditation help me gain control over my emotions?
Meditation can help you discover the reasons your emotions seem to be out of control. It can help you find the root cause of what is bothering you. Once you know the root cause, you will then be able to consciously determine how you want to deal with the root cause. One of the meditations on the app is designed to help you gain control of your emotions.

Can meditation help me have more energy?
If you consciously meditate about your body being energized by the breaths you take as you meditate, you will leave meditation feeling rested, relaxed and energized. One of the meditations on the app deals with energizing your body.

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