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Meditations on the Go is a Mobile Meditation App designed to help us deal with the chaotic world we live in. This is a pro-active way to deal with life’s stressors –  take your meditation guide with you – then re-set your attitude in 4-6 minutes.  The Meditation Apps are currently available in Android and we’re currently testing the IOS- iPhone.

Base Meditation Apps = Five guided meditations geared for the Western Mind/Mentality that wants immediate results are yours forever. Meditations created by Laura Thornberry, author of Meditation for the Western World: De-Mystifying Meditation. These guided meditation apps will empower you to release tension, regain control over the areas of your life that bring stress, tension or leave you in a fragile emotional state.

Use them anywhere – at home, at work, out in nature.

The meditations address 5 key areas of life:

  1. physical relaxation
  2. emotional reaction
  3. dealing with life stressors
  4. letting go and releasing those things you no longer want in your life
  5. energizing your body when it needs a boost.

The Western mind has a seemingly insatiable need for practical applications for any process.  Meditations Apps provide tools that assist people desiring change to do so creatively and effectively through conscious choice – practical tools to bring about the life you desire.

Bonus: For buying the Meditations on the Go app, you will also receive 6 monthly bonus apps. A new meditation will be sent to you each month for 6 months. Since you will love the monthly apps and appreciate how they help you in your life, you may subscribe to them at the end of your bonus period.

Meditations on the Go: Monthly Meditation Apps Subscription

Each month receive a unique meditation. Each meditation is designed to bring about change in your life. You get the benefit of unleashing your subconscious mind to go to work to bring about the life you choose.

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