Visualize The Body You Desire

Visualize The Body You Desire

Meditation can help us understand why our bodies have taken on the appearance they have.  We tend to get so busy doing all those things that keep us moving through life that we do not stop to listen to the signals our bodies are sending out to us. Sometimes we have been ignoring our bodies for so long, that when we finally listen, they seem to be screaming at us and inundate us with information. If this should happen, simply ask your body to slow down so you are not overwhelmed.

Practical Application of Meditation
This meditation technique will provide you with a tool to listen to what your body has been trying to tell you. It will help you take the time to ask your body what it has been trying to tell you and to listen for the answers.

  • Set-aside all preconceived ideas and judgments about your body.
  • Enter a meditative state in whatever manner you choose.
  • When you have reached a meditative state, ask your body what it most wants to impart to you about the way you appear.
  • Ask your body to give you information about how your body managed to appear this way – the reason it is manifesting this appearance.
  • Ask your body what it would like you to do. The answer can range from seeing a doctor to changing your dietary habits to changing your hygiene to changing your exercise routine to checking for environmental pollutants. Be open to whatever the answer is.
  • With the information your body is giving you, what do you see as your next steps?
  • Thank your body for serving you in the manner it has.

Visualize The Body You Desire

Why Meditate?
Meditation can be a highly effect it tool in reaching the subconscious and letting it know, without question, what our desires are. If we are working on shifting the way our bodies look, meditation can help us communicate the change we desire clearly and concisely to our subconscious so it may put all its resources into helping us attain our desire. We will, in effect, have all our resources, both known and unknown, working to help us succeed

Practical Application of Meditation
This technique is to fully infuse, all aspects of yourself so that your entire being has no question about what you desire your body to look like.

  • Enter a meditative state in whatever manner you choose to do so.
  • Once in the meditative state, visualize your ideal body. In doing this, clearly, see all parts of your body as they exist in the perfection of your desire.
  • Next, imagine the way your perfect body feels.
  • Then notice the way your perfect body moves – where the center of gravity is, how erect your spine is, the types of activities. It participates in.
  • Ask your body if there is anything you are doing that is interfering with the manifestation of your perfect body.
  • Determine what your next course of action is to be as a copartner with your body in bringing forth the body you desire.

Rev. Dr. Laura Thornberry is the author of this Blog. She has decades of experience teaching people techniques to learn to meditate and then using that as a foundation for exploring their own potential and abilities. She has gathered twenty of her favorite techniques into a book, workbook, CD and crystal set so that more people can discover the simplicity and power of meditation: Meditation for the Western World: De-Mystifying Mediation.


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